Where artisanal meets automation

Rademaker proudly presents the new Radini sheeting line and laminator. Rademaker is well known for high end and high volume bakery equipment. Today more and more artisanal bakeries require flexible, automated production equipment at a midsized production capacity. Radini is the answer to these requests, a production system for bakeries that enter the automated market: The point where artisanal and automated production meet.

The Radini concept is based on modern sheeting  technologies. With dough capacities ranging between 400 and 1.000 kg dough per hour it focuses on the midsized wholesale baker. Rademaker’s proven techniques and technologies are the basis of a large variety of pre-defined Radini production line configurations. Radini's operating interface and control system are optimized to help the baker run their production line as efficient as possible.

Radini will be introduced at the IBIE and Sudback exhibions this September. Interested in Radini? Be welcome to visit us at the IBIE or Sudback or contact our sales department.

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